About the Carbel Company

Thank you for taking an interest in our journey. We are a family owned and operated business located outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Our careers have taken us through several renovations of our own properties and those of clients. Like an iconic HGTV real estate / contractor combo, minus the ability to time lapse through drywall finishing, we were never satisfied until we tore a house apart and refinished it. Fueled by coffee or Red Bull we worked tirelessly on projects while raising our two children. Whether taking clients to show a house or ripping out a load bearing wall, our work has always been a family affair. As such our children have learned to see the beauty in the things around them, to not always see things as they are, but as they could be, and to realize the value of hard work and dedication. We have instilled in them the idea that creativity and a never give up attitude can unlock all the world’s beauty.

During our latest project, the renovation of our new home, we hit a snag. The windows in the house did not match the style we were looking for and were drafty. We wanted black windows, and while several manufactures had begun making them, the price was outside of what we could afford. Consumed by the idea of finding an affordable option we began a tireless search of the internet. Quickly we learned windows are not sold online, and even energy star rated windows are not very efficient. Our quest for affordable windows in a color that was not standard was over, but we had a new mission, learn about windows and what makes them energy efficient. Countless nights were spent learning about glazing, gases, Uw value, multi chambers, seals and glass spacers. Armed with our new knowledge we concluded double hung, or sash windows, were not the option, but tilt and turn were. They were more efficient, came in unlimited colors, offered an uninterrupted view with more natural light and matched our style, but they were not available from any of our suppliers and outside of our budget.

We did the research, we found what works and what doesn’t, we know how stunning these window are, how efficient they are, and how they “check all of the boxes” for us. This was the light bulb moment. That time when you realize this amazing thing is out there, and it is better than anything else on the market. If only someone made an affordable option for U.S. homeowners and contractors. Why not us? Through our vision and perseverance we are able to finally present to you The Carbel Company. We truly hope you see the beauty and value of our luxury window lines and we appreciate you taking the time to learn about who we are. With the sincerest commitment to our customer’s satisfaction we look forward to hearing from you

Windows should be a focal point, not an afterthought.

Stop settling for ordinary and design something extraordinary.