The Carbel Difference

Windows, as in integral part of a home’s appearance, should not be limited by size, color or shape. Luxury windows by the Carbel Company offer a way to enjoy your home’s ambience, inside and out, without being bound by tradition.

With three window lines, multiple door configurations, extensive color options and various hardware choices, clients have an opportunity to design distinct windows and doors that fit their style and needs.

We have built a window and door option that will outperform conventional windows in both energy efficiency and aesthetics

Unique, Not Standard!

Custom Windows to Complement Your Décor
  • 60 veneers, including aluminum and wood appearance
  • Wide palette – 1,625 available colors
  • Single or dual sided color application
  • Four decorative handle styles in multiple finishes

Bigger & Better

UPVC frames can accommodate larger, continuous pieces of glass
  • Unimpeded sight lines 
  • Rooms feel vibrant and grander
  • Various shapes maximize window usage
  • Steel reinforced frames fill the largest openings

Advanced Sealing Technology

Reduced Air and Noise Infiltration
  • Seals wrap 360º around opening
  • 2 seals standard on all window lines
  • Optional 3rd seal
  • Multi point locking system guarantees compression

Rigid Multi Chamber Construction

Better Insulation, More Options
  • Multiple air chambers prevent “mini-convections” or currents inside the frames
  • More fire and weather resistant
  • Environmentally friendlier than vinyl
  • Decreased warping and fading 
  • Fully welded joints stay tight, blocking water and air infiltration

Its in the details

Carbel Company technology focuses on crystal clear views while maintaining thermal efficiency
  • Optimally placed low-E coating
  • Ultra-thin, 4mm glass allowing more space for thermal efficient gas
  • certified, warm edge spacer eliminating heat transfer and condensation

Convenient, Safe and Secure

  • Safe and easy to clean from the inside
  • high strength, multi point locking system
  • Tilt action keeps pets or kids from climbing and intruders from climbing in
  • Window hinges are adjustable, compensating for settlement of the structure